Illustration by Jason Rees


Jason Rees - Illusjason
Sat in a bedroom infront of a computer screen a figure with dark hair scribbles furiously on a sheet of paper. His name Jason Rees.

He stops to take a slurp of coffee or any other caffinated beverage he has at hand, with that Jason turns into Illusjason.

Ideas flow and worlds are created where magic and sword fights are common place. The main hero Onyx Brimstone throws fireballs at enemies along with lame jokes and one-liners.

When Illusjason decides to take a break from creating worlds he spends some time playing PC games and recording or streaming these sessions for the world to see.

If you want to join Illusjason on his adventures or see his creations then lucky for you you can by following him on any of the sites below and also come back here.

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