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The Home of Onyx Brimstone and the Art of Jason Rees.

Who is Illusjason?

Well my name is Jason Rees and I write and draw comics. 

Ever since I can remember I've always drawn and been creative. As I grew up I made some interesting friends that got me into RPG's this ignited the imagination and I started to look at drawing more fantasy type characters and monsters.

Where did Onyx Brimstone come from?

Onyx Brimstone is a character that sort of started in another little comic I was creating Avalon. The main character in that was a magic-user again named Oden (This was before all the Marvel films came out). I liked the idea of the Norse gods and Odin who wanted to have wisdom cut out his own eye for it and was always looking for more wisdom, intelligence and power. Sounds like a Magic-user to me.

Anyway Onyx is basically the same type of character as Oden but I wanted to create a whole new land for him to explore and add in new allies. You know when you have to just destroy everything to start again with a clearer picture.

Hey why do you start things and never finish them?

I have no idea. I always start something then get distracted by something else and want to pursue that. I started out with drawing, then moved to comics. Then being greedy I saw stories of how much youtubers make and thought I could do that so tried let's plays. Got a bit bored with that so thought something I've wanted to do since school was make a cartoon so gave that a try.

(Onyx Brimstone Episode 1)

How about a little bit of programming in there as well to make games. Then it was make an app to make some ridiculous money so I could spend more time doing things I wanted to do. 

Ultimately I usually come back to one thing Comics and Art.

What's your plan for Onyx?

Well my plan now is to carry on with drawing and writing Onyx I may throw in a random comic here and there not related to it, but Onyx is my main comic set for now.

 I have a few ideas on where I want the story to go too. 

Your store links to Amazon to buy black and white printed versions why buy them if you can get full colour for free?

It's mainly for people to show support if you like the Onyx stories and want more it would mean a lot to me if you bought them.

You have a Patreon page though!

I do have a Patreon page, but some people don't want to sign up to sites all over the place just to support the comics. So if people are familiar with Patreon then just like with buying the comics, it would mean a massive amount if someone was to subscribe and support me on a monthly basis.

However if thats not your thing a sale on a familiar site like Amazon is just as great.

Can I contact you?

Yeah sure. I will try to get back to anybody that sends me a message. 

You can do that by using the form on the right.

Also follow me on Twitter @illusjason

How about a bit of Facebook @illusjason

Email: [email protected]

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